It’s Ok To Say No

One of the toughest things that a Realtor must go through is deciding whether or not they should work with a client.  What do I mean by this? Let me use an example.

You have a client who contacts you because he’s interested in purchasing a home. Great! Further down the conversation after you ask him some questions you find out he’s pre-qualified for only $80,000. You learn that he is retired and has to rely on his social security  as income to purchase the property. Do you work with this guy?

That depends if you feel it is worth the work. Granted he is pre-qualified, pre-qualification letters don’t have much weight however it does show that the bank has at least looked at his finances.  The other problem is that the $100,000 and under price range is very competitive. Using financing can be the kiss of death that can get your offer killed by a cash buyer.

On the flip side the client is motivated and can possibly purchase property giving you a decent payday.  Choosing who to work with is not an easy task. Sometimes as Rmasse would say, you just have to take risks.  Unfortunately you will never know 100% if a particular client can purchase a home. That does not mean you should just work with anyone.

If there are enough red flags that go up and your gut is telling you not to work with client Johnny Smith, than your gut is probably right. Sometimes it’s ok to just say no.  You have to be the judge to determine if a lead is worth pursuing or if it’s better to just walk away.


~ by fnunez on August 18, 2011.

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