Realtors Versus Aliens

One of my hobbies is writing screenplays. I hope to turn this hobby into a career one day but for now it will just be something I keep myself busy with on weeknights. Anyway, I thought a great idea for a movie would be about Realtors combating an alien invasion. Yes I know there is already a movie called Cowboys Versus Aliens, but that is with cowboys! This time Realtors will save earth from Alien invaders. I can see it now. An alien spacecraft is coming in to fire it’s laser at an unsuspecting Realtor. He pulls out his yellow Century 21 jacket to deflect the laser. The laser ricochets off his jacket striking the alien spacecraft forcing it to crash on the desert floor. There’s a Realtor confronted by an Alien. The Alien is ready to attack. The Realtor blankly stares at the alien similar to how a Realtor stares at clients when asked a question regarding a short sale. His eyes gloss over like as if he’s not paying attention. The alien explodes. Guts and body parts fly everywhere.  The mother ship calls the Realtor in charge of the resistance.  The Realtor doesn’t answer. The mother ship keeps calling. No answer. The mother ship explodes like the death star out of pure frustration. Presto, looks like we got ourselves a movie. If you have any more ideas for scenes, let me know.


~ by fnunez on August 3, 2011.

One Response to “Realtors Versus Aliens”

  1. Best of luck for you. Anyways Realtors playing cowboy here….

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