We’re all going to the Birds.

Sometimes I wonder if common sense is a rare commodity now a days. I’m starting to believe that more everyday. A crane in the port of Tampa was the home of an Osprey nest that could not be removed without federal approval. Jani Salonen, the owner of the crane was losing almost $4,000 a day while his crew sat around waiting to see if and when they could remove the nest.  Salonen was able to secure state permits as well as receiving support from the Audobon society to remove the birds. But because of a missing paper from U.S. Fish and Wildlife,Salonen was fined $500. Even though he did the humane thing buy going through the proper steps to save the birds, he was still punished because of BS paperwork. What a crock. Here you have a business person who lost thousands of dollars and is responsible for dozens of jobs and yet was punished for doing the right thing. ” Usually other contractors, when they see a nest, they dump the nest.” Salonen said according to TBO.com.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against protecting animals. In this case the animals in question were being protected. Still, Salonen was punished. At the end, there weren’t even any chicks inside the nest. Unbelievable.!


~ by fnunez on April 13, 2011.

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