Charlie Sheens’ First Show A Bust

Charlie Sheen has been a media sensation with such quotes as ” tiger blood” and “warlock” becoming part of modern pop culture. However Charlie Sheen’ debut in Detroit last week brought him back down to earth as he was greeted with boos and jeers from the Detroit audience. When several audience members booed at Sheen, he replied, ” I already got your money dude.” Sheen later went on to ask if any of the audience members had used crack, or better yet if they had any on their person.  There was obviously much hype behind the show. Sheens’ popularity has surged since his on air rants that can be labeled as flat-out bizarre or great marketing. Either way, Sheen has been off to a rough start as many start to question if Sheen can carry is eccentric personality onto the big stage. I’m not sure if people want to sit for 70 minutes listening to someone rant about irrational nonsense.  Charlie Sheens’show arrives to Tampa April 22nd. I’m curious to see how Sheen will be received in Tampa. If it’s anything like Detroit, it should be an interesting evening.


~ by fnunez on April 4, 2011.

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