Where’s the Good Food!!

Tampa is known for its sunny beaches and lay back atmosphere. Sadly, what it is not known for is its food. Being from New Jersey, I’ve been spoiled to be around some of the best cuisine in the nation. Up north there is an abundance of restaurants with food that can  knock your taste buds out of commission. Tampa is a different story. Most of the restaurants are these generic chains that offer neither atmosphere nor food worth eating. There are a few hidden gems in Tampa, but they are few and far between. In many places the best they can do is Olive Garden, which isn’t bad if you are just looking to stuff your face with breadsticks and salad. I have to say the breadsticks are amazing!  If you’re visiting Tampa and are looking for some authentic cuisine, one of my favorites is the Columbia restaurant in Ybor city. It’s spanish cuisine and rich Ybor history make it a great place to dine if your looking to take in all that is Tampa.


~ by fnunez on March 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Where’s the Good Food!!”

  1. Those Olive Garden bread sticks are indeed SO yum! Thank goodness for Olive Garden! When there’s not a lot of good places to eat, you always know Olive Garden will do the trick. We often leave Canada to go to Coeur d Alene, where we’ve found the same problem: nothing that’s really a whole lot better than the Olive Garden.

    • Yes Olive Garden is very good. However once you have authentic Italian cuisine from restaurants in New York. You can’t go back to just settling for Olive Garden.

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