Realtors Need to open up the Channels of Communication

Hello Again…Time for me to get back on the soapbox and rant about some idiotic thing some Tampa Real Estate Agent did again…so here goes, I will keep it short.

idiot-realtorWe had the buyer and an offer was put in on a short sale property, $84,000 to be exact.  The lien holder in this case was the county of Hillsborough (don’t completely understand it but that doesn’t matter).  Anyways, for months now we have been trying to get updates from the listing agent on this property, they never call back, very rarely do they have anything to report and she complains alot about other agents not getting back to her with info regarding the short sale itself, hey we can relate to that, and here comes the kicker…

Our assitant talks to her today to find out what is going on, expecting her not pick up the phone, but she does.  She then tells our assitant that the lien holder says no go on the the short sale and they are gonna force a foreclosure…ok, backwards regarding what the county is trying to do with foreclosures, and then tells us that she has known about this for weeks….ahhhhmmmm, Hello, who’s not getting back to who now….what the hell are you doing, total lack of respect in my opinion.  You can’t expect to get respect if you’re not gonna give it in return.

So our buyer is going to move on after waiting months for some form of answer, we are pissed off and this agents name goes into our “crappy agent” file, and we start the process all over again.  Had the agent been upfront with us rather than us trying to pull the info out of them, we could live with that…but to withhold the info…just doesn’t fly.

So Realtors out there, if you have info on a short sale, have some respect for your fellow agents and let them know asap, we are all trying to do right by our clients, but that just aint RIGHT!

OK, I’m gonna get off of my soap box now, but I am leaving it right here ’cause I feel another one coming soon!


~ by ToughGuy on October 20, 2009.

2 Responses to “Realtors Need to open up the Channels of Communication”

  1. Property management should also be about good customer service. This is how to get new customers and never lose old ones…

  2. Ok, first of all, that photo is priceless! Second, what is with agents? What is the big deal with just doing one’s job and returning phone calls? I feel your pain.

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