So You Think You’re a Rock Star Realtor…Think Again!

rockstar-realtorAs I was driving down the road today, I was thinking about all of these agents out there that think they are Rock Stars.  When I look at them, I see agents that aren’t really rock stars but just act like them.  Over the past few years when the market was ridiculous, these agents were walking on water.  They drove nice cars, had great boats, and talked like they were in command of everything…and they were cocky.  They wore ridiculous clothes, had odd quirks like showing up to parties in all white and no shoes, would have appointments with their physic, and had their color charts done.  Guys what guys, your days are over and your crazy antics with it.

If that is not enough info for ya, here is my opinion on these agents…

  1. Doesn’t Act like a Rock Star, but is a Rock Star – You’ve made it, keep up the good work.  The fact that you don’t flaunt it and help others will help you go a long way!
  2. Doesn’t Act like a Rock Star, is not a Rock Star – Just keep up the work, never give in or up, and strive for excellence and you will make it.
  3. Acts like a Rock Star, is a Rock Star – The end is coming, stop acting concieded and become humble…like all stars, there are many bumps in the road and they’re all coming your way!
  4. Acts like a Rock Star, is not a Rock Star – Quit now, stop walking around like you know everything, let people that know what they are doing, do it.  You people end up clogging the system up for all others that are dedicated to being the best that they can be.  Again, quit now!

Well there you have it, my opionin on all this “crap” in our Real Estate system, especially in the Tampa Real Estate Market.  I myself have always viewed my team as #2, never settle for the top, always work past it, and never stop learning.  After all, if you are at the top, there is really no other way but down!


~ by ToughGuy on August 10, 2009.

One Response to “So You Think You’re a Rock Star Realtor…Think Again!”

  1. Haha – what a fun post! It is true though – nothing beats hard work when it comes to success and ultimately people appreciate humble attitudes.

    Edmonton Real Estate – Realty Executives Polaris

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