Bank Sues Itself in Hillsborough County Foreclosure Case

wellsfargostupidLet me tell you, now, I have truley heard everything now in the Tampa Foreclosures Arena.  Apparently, according to Fox Business News Report, Wells Fargo, holder of the first and Second Lien on a Condo in Hillsbourough County, is filing suit on itself.  Wells Fargo, Lien 1, filled suit on Wells Fargo Lien 2.  And to make things even more hilarious, the attorney that filed the suit for Wells Fargo Lien Holder one is different than Wells Fargo Lien Holder 2, which has hired an attorney to defend itself, against, yes you got it, itself.

Now if the courts systems don’t throw this case out due to pure stupidity, I really don’t know what has happened to the US court system.  I don’t think, someone please tell me if I am wrong, anyone has ever sued itself and/or it has ever made it to court.

But all this stupid talk got me thinking and reminds me of a listing that I have where there is a first and second lien holder on the home.  We have an offer that was approved by the first lien holder but the second lien holder wants full payment.  Guess who the first and second lien holders are,…again, you guessed it, Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo.  Maybe Wells Fargo should sue itself to drop the request for full payment from the Second Wells Fargo.  I almost feel like I am in a soap opera where there is an evil Twin that shows up years later to reap havoc.  Whatever the case, this type of lunacy needs to stop, once and for all!


~ by ToughGuy on July 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Bank Sues Itself in Hillsborough County Foreclosure Case”

  1. This story is too unbelievable. I have been keeping up with your posts on the Tampa Foreclosure Market and this takes the cake. Are both lien holders Wells Fargo or is one a different branch of Wells Fargo? Or is one lien holder a recent acquisition of Wells Fargo? There has to be a legitimate answer to something like this.

  2. In this case, its Wells Fargo, although the Wells Fargo Second Lien is most likely the Wells Fargo that handles the secondary market…but none the less, it is still the same company.

    This is just idioticy, and this truly takes the cake, lets see how long they last until they go belly up. I just can’t make this stuff up!

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