Tampa Foreclosures Continue to Sell Fast

tampaforeclosuresThe Tampa Real Estate Market continues to move at a swift pace.  Tampa Foreclosures are moving very well as banks are moving a bit faster in the process of their paperwork to get these properties off of their books.  What took close to 6 months at times some 6-12 months ago, seems to be faster now due to the banks coming to a realization that the properties can only be sold at market value and not at the value that they want.  Like any property, the property will sell at market value and market value only regardless of what you think it is worth.

On another note, banks are helping out more families that wish to stay in their homes.  More and more loan modifications are being approved.  The banks have finally figured (at least some of them) that it is better to get something, although less, than nothing at all.  There are however some banks that are notorious for not helping out the home owner and wish to rush to a foreclosure sale just to find out that it does not sell at the courthouse steps, the property is foreclosed on, the bank takes the home back, hires a Real Estate Agent, and ends up selling it for far less than what it could have if it had sold it as a short sale or to just keep the home owners in the home and continue to collect mortgage payments.

I assume that over the next 6 months, the banks hopefully with the help of the government, will streamline the process so that we can put this mess behind us…only time will tell!

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~ by ToughGuy on June 18, 2009.

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