Transparency is Key when it Comes to Social Networking

social-media-transparencyMy wife and I are involved in the Tampa Real Estate Market, and it has had its ups and downs.  Social Networking has been a fantastic means of advertising our listings and ourselves.  But by “advertising oursleves” I mean, letting people see the real us.  None of this “I am the greatest realtor in the world, come and list or buy with me” crap.  That pretty much says that you are not.

My wife and I are pretty much a couple, like many other couples, the only difference is that we put ourselves out in the public for others to see.  We display ourselves as we truly are, and not hid anything.  People can see thru people that are false, unethical, untruthful, etc. so why waste the energy creating a persona that doesn’t truly exist.  Many people do online because they think people will not like the “true you”.

It is always better to show others who you are, then if they decide to be friends with you in Social areana online, at least they did for all the right reasons.


~ by ToughGuy on June 14, 2009.

3 Responses to “Transparency is Key when it Comes to Social Networking”

  1. Yes, very well said. You and Carla are truly transparent with your videos, photos and show. I know where you eat, your friends and your friend’s kids. I enjoy it all. Thanks Rob!

  2. I don’t think anyone will ever question your transparency when it comes to social media. With the real estate market as competitive as it is, do you think this has helped your business? Also, have you received positive feedback from clients regarding the ability to learn a lot about you and your business before choosing you as their Realtor?

  3. Hey Shane,

    I think that people, when they entrust you to help them most likely purchase the most expensive item in their lives, really want to know who you are. I instruct my team to be themselves when it comes to both buyers and sellers. We have enough agents on my team that one of them will match up with the clients that seek our help in buying or selling homes in our Area. Too many agents and companies hide behind what they say are their ideals but really have ulterior motives such as wanting a higher paycheck or convincing clients to buy when they are unable to. We, Team Masse Realty Group and our agents, all sleep well at night.

    So yes, our business is booming, especially our referral business, because we are who we say we are and I think people appreciate that.

    Thanks for the response.

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