The Next Generation Tampa Real Estate Agent

socialmediaTimes are a changin’.  Things are moving so rapidly right now that the days of the old school Real Estate Agent are OVER!  Let me say that one more time so that you get it.  The days of the OLD SCHOOL REAL ESTATE AGENT ARE FINALLY OVER!  No more knocking on doors, no more cold calling, no more, “Hey I am your local Tampa Real Estate Agent expert”.  Guess what people, people don’t care and they don’t answer the door, and they don’t answer the phone so stop already.  Oh, and one more piece of advise to those of you that are still “Old School” agents, either join a team that is NOT, or get out of the business…I’m sorry but that is the truth.

Now on to the fun stuff, Social Media.  This is the new way of doing business.  It is interesting as it is an out of the box (way out of the box) approach, but it is a doing business without doing business.  For example, I sell real estate in the tampa area and I would never jump onto a Social Forum such as Facebook or Twitter and say, Hey I sell real estate, buy from me!  What I would do is try to interact with people of like mind, get to know them better, converse about topics of interest and hopefully, eventually, they will do business with me.  Sounds odd, and many agents in my office look at me like I am crazy, but those believers that understand it, realize the power of Social Media.  I am not going to go into the intricacies of Social Media, how it works, how to do it effectively, but merely give you a shot of reality.

dumbSocial Media is here to stay, either embrace it, or get out of Dodge, it is truly your choice!

Don’t be a Knucklehead, Nuff said…


~ by ToughGuy on May 11, 2009.

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