Now Live Video Stream Enabled

Live VideoBeing a Tampa Real Estate Realtor and an Engineer, I think that I have taken the whole video thing either too far, or to a new level, I am not sure which as of yet.  Team Masse Group continues to do what no other agents in the Country can and do do…give their clients instant access to homes, events, information, and everything in between via Live Streaming Video on the go.  Say we have a client in Italy and they would like to see a property in Tampa, but they cant wait for photos or photos just do not give them the overall picture of what the house really looks like, no problem.  A Team Masse Group Agent hopes in the car, drives to the Home, and begins to walkthru the home while streaming live video to the client.  At the same time, the client can ask questions as the agent walks thru the home.  2 Way live communication and one way live video streaming…we Do it all the time and our clients love it.

We have added a page to this blog to show you the last streamed video posted.  If it is playing when you get to the page, it is live!  Let us know what you think!  Check it out here Live Streaming Video


~ by ToughGuy on March 28, 2009.

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