Tampa Real Estate Market Prime Right Now

manns-harborThe Tampa Real Estate Market is really moving right now.  So much so that I have needed to hire my third assistant just to keep up with the demand.  Why so much demand…the market prices have fallen to a point that was a few years prior to the boom.  The great thing about that is the fact that interest rates are much lower than they have been in years and the incentives are plenty coming from the government to basically jolt the life back into the market.  First time home buyers, second home buyers, and investors have gone absolutely crazy with these prices.  Everything is cylical, and the market prices will rebound as history has shown us.  When it does eventually occur, the investors with all this property will start to sell again in the high end of the curve and reap the benefits of their investment.

First time home buyers will not need to buy again so soon as they will have been able to purchase a larger home now than prior.  Second home buyers may move around a bit but not likely as much.  I’m not hear to sell you a home, I’m not here to say sell your home with me.  I am just here to state a few facts for you to make an educated decision.  Cause like anything else, the sale is gonna end, and there are no exchanges, and no refunds!


~ by ToughGuy on March 18, 2009.

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