Bet You’re Tampa Realtor Can’t do This!

Live Streaming VideoMy wife and I are immersed in the Tampa Real Estate Market.  She is a Buyers Agent/Listing Agent/Pretty much everything Agent, and I do all the background stuff that makes the website work as well as all of the “R&D” type development.  I was and still am an Engineer working on a consulting basis for a company in VA but that is another story.  In either event, being an engineer, allows me to keep a keen eye open for new technology to help enhance our Real Estate Business.  The latest technology that I have come across to allow my wife or I to, especially with out of state buyers, walk thru a home in real time while talking with us about the property.  It does not take any special equipment to do this and the results are fantastic.  We have performed 2 walk through so far while the client was watching from their home out of state, and both resulted in contracts written and accepted.

That is pretty much what we do here at Team Masse, we investigate all the latest in technology, and implement what we think give our clients the biggest bang for the buck.  No other Real Estate Team in the Tampa Bay area comes even close to our level of technological know how.  We will continue to review the latest in technology and bring it to you live, in real time, and before anyone else even thinks about how to use it…guaranteed!


~ by ToughGuy on February 8, 2009.

5 Responses to “Bet You’re Tampa Realtor Can’t do This!”

  1. Hey Rob, what kind of device is that you are streaming with?

  2. My wife and I are in a similar situation with Raleigh NC real estate. Do you see the implementation of new technology setting you apart from competition? Do your customer’s make note of the different tools you make available?

  3. Yes, it is usually an easy sell, go with the guy that understands how to apply technology to real estate, or go with they guy that sits waiting for things to come to him…or goes knocking on doors…pretty easy choice. We have not had any problems, and most clients are amazed at what we can do!

  4. Interesting. I foresee smart phones playing a huge part in the real estate business for customers. Especially considering providers like Verizon will have EVDO Rev A everywhere soon. Things like your streaming video will be ready to take advantage. Kudos to you for finding a niche for this technology in real estate and making it work. Two listing is great!

  5. Hey Cal…sorry, it was in spam…I use the Iphone to stream which I know you do to now

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