Superbowl in Tampa…Where to put all these people

evg_1218637303Ok, so the Superbowl is coming to Tampa, or should I say it is pretty much here.  The game has been played yet but Tampa itself seems to be busting at the seems with all these people.  If you are a people watcher, now is the time you should be coming out of your homes and walk around downtown.  

Go to either Ybor City, Channelside, International Plaza, or just about anywhere else and you are sure to see some celebrity kicking around town.  Michael Jordan was spotted at the Hard Rock Casino, Tony Hawk and Evander Holyfield just flew in to Tampa from California, many Cardinal players have been hanging around the Rock N Sports Bar in Ybor.  They were filming the latest eposide of the “Best Damn Sport Show” in Ybor city.

You can pretty much throw a rock in any direction and your gonna hit someone that you’ve seen on TV.  Get out there, grab some photos, and let us know who you ran into.  We here at Team Masse are gonna put Tampa Real Estate aside and let the Superbowl pass by.  Have a great Sunday and dont drink to much!


~ by ToughGuy on January 28, 2009.

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