The Banks (Countrywide) have reached an all time Low for Short Sales

I really can’t make this stuff up, no kidding, but the material just presents itself and I just report what I hear.  So my wife and I work alot of short sales, have about 12 going right now.  In either event, placed a call to Countrywide yesterday to find out the status of a short sale contract that was in on one of our listings.  The File was cancelled.  I asked why, they said the Loss Mitigator claims in the file (their computer system) that they did not have any documentation.  I asked what is the normal procedure when they get the contract.  They said when they get all the documentation, they have it assigned to a loss mitigator.  Hmmm, that is truly fascinating, if the loss mitigator closed it because they had not paperwork, then how did they get it at all if you truly had no paperwork…kinda a catch22.  In addition, if the loss mitigator is missing paperwork (which they were not) then they must make at least 3 attempts to contact the person that sent in the paperwork to rectify the problem…don’t recall my phone ringing.  I asked the person on the phone if there was any record of them trying to contact me and there was NOT!

So during this whole conversation, I am noticing something very strange about the woman on the other end of the phone.  She sounds like she is slurring her voice and I hear a couple of bangs on the other side of the phone…holy crap, she is DRUNK and keeps falling out of her chair.  I keep asking her to verify my contact information, and she keeps changing my name first it is just one sec Mr Miller (my name is not miller), which I identify, then she says to hold on and gives me their 800 number as my contact info.  I explain that that is their office number, she then hits the floor, gets up with a couple of heavy pants, and says to hold on again Mr Franklin.  I again identify who I am, all the time when she is speaking her language is heavily slurred.

Without giving me what I wanted, she asks if there is anything else Mr. Somebody (don’t remember the name).  I said yes, I am still waiting for confirmation on my contact info.  She says hold on.  Dead silence, she then comes back some 5 minutes later (she was on the phone the whole time since I heard her hiccup a few times) and she asks if there is anything else she can help me with.  I say again I am still waiting for the contact info.  This goes back and forth for some 10 minutes until I finally get fed up with the whole thing and tell her nope, all set.

I eventually call back and speak with someone else, reporting that the last person I spoke to was Butt Ass Drunk.  Didn’t yield much better from that person although they were not drunk.

In either event, these Mortgage companies/banks are making life very difficult for my clients.  I/we try to give the very top level of service and it becomes increasingly difficult to do so if you are dealing with someone that your talking to from a payphone at their favorite watering hole.

Just another black eye for the once great Countrywide, no wonder they lost a multi-state lawsuit!  Smarten up Countrywide and do you Job!


~ by ToughGuy on October 24, 2008.

One Response to “The Banks (Countrywide) have reached an all time Low for Short Sales”

  1. Countrywide employees drunk? How about one that is drunk and can’t speak proper English? I received a VM and all I could understand was the persons first name and 3 numbers for the phone number to call back.And who was this person? Whom was this person associated with? A week later I get another VM from the same person-this time I get his name-the same 3 numbers and the company he is working for-COUNTRYWIDE. This person still sounds drunk and their Englishhas not imporved. I had to call a toll free number I had on my loean and try to get through the long way to find this person. When I finally get through this person goes about telling me what I can and can’t do-and I am going “Who are you?” to myself. Your company gave me a residental loan for a Commercial property. Next time I call-I’m calling from a bar and asking this person what they are having-I want the same!!!

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