In Case you Forgot, the Object of the Realtor is to Get the Property Sold

Well, that is not completely true.  The object of the Tampa Realtor is to ensure that the buyer or the seller, whomever you are representing, is well taken care of, well represented, and that their best interests are at hand.  Sometimes agents let their prior training (this agent was in the Air Force for 11 years) get in the way of getting the contract accepted and closed.

The offer was actually written with the offer price suggested by the listing agent, the buyers have no contingencies except for mortgage and inspection, which they are qualified for, and the agent has an issue with the mortgage broker living in Miami.  The seller is basically coached to not accept this offer based on the broker being in Miami and not in Tampa.  Well, guess what, violation, violation, violation.  I didn’t think so at first but a simple call to legal hotline confirmed that this is a potential violation of RESPA.

To make a long story short, the discussion between my wife and the agent broke down to the other agent hanging up on my wife which in turn created a call to the Broker.  The broker realizing the problem, has spoken to the agent to calm them down.  Guess what, your total unrealistic protection of the seller has caused the buyer to retract the offer and move to another property.  Our Buyer feels that, and we agree, there may be issues down the road on this transaction.

So the moral of the story is, don’t let your personal feelings of something that happened in your past cloud your judgement and damage a deal for your buyer or seller.  Just don’t let it get in the way.  Always do what is best for your client…case closed!


~ by ToughGuy on October 14, 2008.

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