What Does the Government Bailout Really Mean?

This exact question is something that I have been asking myself since I first heard this and/or read about it online.  $700 Billion to bailout companies and their big brothers that held the investments that were sucking the life out of homeowners and not really caring if people were living in the streets.  Rather than bailing out these companies from their woes (and the majority of this is from mortgage holdings) would be for the companies to take lesser money from the homeowners, renegotiate a payment that the homeowner can actually afford, keep the person in the home, and the company continues to receive payments on the loan, just less.  What an amazing concept.  The thing is, its not gonna happen.  Or here is another one, I heard someone say give every homeowner $1 million.  Much better deal in my book, gets every homeowner out of dept, pays off tons of mortgages, give people additional money to start spending, and jump starts the economy.  I like this option better than the other.  Now I hear that the auto industry wants money to get out of debt as well.  Where is my money?

Don’t get me wrong, I think something needs to happen, I just don’t know what exactly.  But I will be damned if these CEO’s of these companies take some of their windfalls from the government and build themselves some golden parachutes or go buy some fancy yacht to go cruise the Bahamas.  Someone had better make sure, if this is gonna happen, that it happens for its actual intent.  It’s like the whole “Getting a reduction in my Florida Insurance” thing all over again.  The State of Florida sends extra money to the insurance companies to reduce our insurance rates and what happens, they use the money for something else and continue to try and raise rates.  Governor Christ is a great guy, a bit naive and took a couple of blows, but he will get it right eventually.

Anyway, this is just my ranting about the current state of affairs…this is all just my opinion, and since this is my blog, I can say what I want.  If you have an opinion, please let us all know.


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~ by ToughGuy on September 25, 2008.

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