Lots of Real Estate Experts out there…Or are There?

I hear this on about every website page I review…”I am your Real Estate Expert for blah blah blah”.  Guess what…there is no such thing as an expert in this field.  There are highly educated people out there that “Do” Real Estate or should I say “Don’t Do”…and then there are others as well.  If you hear someone say they are an expert at something….turn the other way, because it most likely means that they are inexperienced at their profession.  We are very experienced in most aspects of Tampa Real Estate, being working with investors, short sales and foreclosures, but there are so many things to learn in each one of those and so many different banks to deal with all having different procedures to deal with short sales and the like, that there is no way to be an expert.  There are fundamental structures that each bank will have, and knowing this we can navigate our clients through the process with ease.  But we are not experts at it, just Real Estate Agents that know the system well enough to get banks to accept offers and close for our clients whether we are the listing agent or buying agent.

So If and when you are ready to take the plunge, look for agents with the background to get things done and be aware that every transaction is unique.


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Team Masse services the Tampa Bay Real Estate market and the following areas: Tampa, Apollo Beach, Riverview, Ruskin, Brandon, Lithia, Valrico, Gibsonton, South Tampa, and Channelside District.  Contact us at 813-546-5222 for more assistance.


~ by ToughGuy on September 25, 2008.

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