Little Harbor Assessed Taxes Sparks Controversy

We have been inundated by phone calls from clients who have received their tax bills and do not understand the assessed values indicated.  I must say, that I agree with them all.  Most of you out there have bills in the $130,000 range of assessed value which is a far cry from what the current value is of these condos currently.  There have been a few condos that have been repurchased by their lenders and placed back on the market for as little as $61,000.

My recommendation to all of you that would like to dispute your tax bill, get an appraisal done and submit the appraisal with your tax bill to the tax assessors office.  They do have a procedure to dispute your tax bill that requires you to submit a fee for them to process the paperwork.  I recommend you call them and ask them for the exact procedure and time frames to dispute your bill.  There should be information on your bill that discusses how to do that or you can call 1-813-272-6100 (Property Appraisers Office) or check them out online at


~ by ToughGuy on September 16, 2008.

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