MiraBay Homes Excellent Deals for Top Waterfront Community

Mirabay is a high end waterfront community but with the current market and many people buying during the high end of the market, Mirabay is no longer an expensive place to live.  Many homes have fallen victim to buying high and selling low.  Many homes are now priced down about where the market was back in 2003 and some of the deals are even better.  For example, we have one listing where the owners bought the home back in 2004 for $550,000 and the price is now listed at $290,000.  This home is currently pending and is awaiting for bank approval like many of the other homes in Mirabay.

Negotiating Short Sales has become an art.  The greatest difficulty is the fact that all banks are different and handle them differently so there is no one way to attack a short sale and the mountain of paperwork and negotiations that accompany it.  If someone says they are are a short sale expert, steer clear because this beast does not exist.  You will really need someone that negotiates well an knows how to speak to the bank, that is the key.

We have handled many short sales and have a 90% close rate on the properties that we handle.  When you are ready to buy a home, and are looking in Mirabay or any in the Tampa Bay Area, please let us know, we are here to help, and again, our services are free to all Buyers.


~ by ToughGuy on September 5, 2008.

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