Best Place to Invest Your Home Renovation Dollars

I am often asked being an agent in the Tampa Real Estate Market, “If I am going to sell my home, what renovations should I do that will gain me the most bang for the buck.”  Well, first off, you must decide if the renovations are going to be for yourself, in other words, do you plan on staying in the home for a period of time after the fact, or do you plan on doing these home renovations for the sake of Selling the home.

If you answered “Staying for a while”, then make the renovations that you will enjoy for the time period that you plan to stay and don’t worry about the rest.  If you chose to do renovations for resale, your best bet is either in the Kitchen or in the bathrooms.  If you have to choose one, then choose the kitchen.  The kitchen gives you a much higher return on investment than any other room in the house.  Just make sure that whatever renovations you do, they are up to what people are looking for in the style home you have.  In other words, if you own a contemporary home, don’t put a country style kitchen in your home, it won’t make sense!

If you are unsure exactly what to change, the call to a licensed Real Estate Agent familiar with your neighborhood would be a beneficial call for advice as well as what they believe the improvements will bump your home in value!

So all you DIY’ers out there…get doin’!


~ by ToughGuy on August 21, 2008.

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