Part Time Brokers slowing things down in Tampa Real Estate Market

I originally though that the part time Tampa Realtors we’re slowing things down, now I have Part Time Brokers slowing things down.  So here is the deal.  I have an offer in with a one man Tampa Real Estate Company.  He hasn’t had any offers on this property.  We fax it to the fax number listed and it appears to be his only listing.  So we call and leave him a message about the offer to see if this is the fax he would like the offer sent to.  We have to call him a few times until we finally get a hold of him.  The fax number is fine, but at the office and he will get to it tomorrow.  We’ll tomorrow comes and goes and he does not get to the fax until day 3.  He finally reviews the offer and sends us some changes to the contract.  No changes to price or anything like that, but all of a sudden he wants a load commitment in 14 days and changes the “who is going to pay in the event of a special assessment”.  No explanation, no nothing.  Well, I only know a handful of people that can actually get a loan commitment in less than 2 weeks and no way is my client paying for special assessments.

With the lack of contact with this guy, and the lack of communications from him, I can see how this property has been on the market for almost 2 years.  It is things like this that cause most problems and slow down the whole process of getting things up and running at a normal pace.


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~ by ToughGuy on August 4, 2008.

One Response to “Part Time Brokers slowing things down in Tampa Real Estate Market”

  1. I have had many experiences like the one you described. I have started a wesite called The site is designed to help for sale by owners. The site is funded by vendors, so it is absolutely free to use. Hopefully sellers and buyers can close on real estate without wasting time and money on realtors and avoid the frustration you have experienced.

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