Come on In…The Waters Warm and the Weather is Just Fine in Tampa Bay

Although I would call this the rainy season here in Tampa Bay, the weather has taken a turn to the better.  The sun is shinning, the water is nice and warm in the Bay, people are out boating, swimming, sunning themselves and enjoying what we call home here in Tampa Florida.  Living in Tampa has it’s up’s and down’s but one thing is for sure, the weather pretty much always stays the same.  If you are like me, I came from a 4 seasons part of the country (Boston).  I thought it would be difficult dealing with the lack of snow on Christmas, the turning of the leaves during Fall, and the cool breezes during the Spring.  But guess what, didn’t miss them at all.  In fact, I prefer the weather in Tampa over all other parts of the country I have lived.

If you are looking for a place to move to that has great weather, a good job market, and quality of life is high, take a look at the Tampa Real Estate Market, the housing is currently a Buyers market and you may just find your little slice of heaven.


~ by ToughGuy on August 3, 2008.

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