IPhone Sets New Standards in Real Estate

The IPhone is a remarkable device.  It has a beautiful screen, elegant interface, beautiful Internet access and looks cool.  That is where the problem is.  It looks too cool and you end up spending more time looking at it, using the Internet, than actually talking on it.  After all, it is a phone.  Now with the 3G version, you spend that much more time looking at it and looking at more since Internet access is suppose to be that much faster.  I do not currently own the 3G version since I don’t have time to wait in lines, but I do have one on order thru AT&T.  I currently own the 2G version otherwise known as the first version.  It works great as a phone, works great as an Internet device, it just works great.  I have a Blackberry as well, but the IPhone is alot more fun to use.

Now getting to the Real Estate part of the IPhone.  My website has the ability to send me text messages as soon as someone logs in for more information.  I get a text message which I can assign to another agent that has the expertise in the information the client is looking for which in turn, the client gets a phone call immediately.  This whole process takes less than 120 seconds.  Pretty impressive when all works as planned which happens most of the time.  When it does, clients are astonished at the speed of contact…you make them believers for life.

Again, the Iphone is an impressive device.  As long as you stop looking at it and realize that it is a means of business, your on your way to an impressive start to Real Estate.

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~ by ToughGuy on July 31, 2008.

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