Sellers; Is Your Tampa Real Estate Agent Really Working for You?

I have a real bone to pick.  My husband and I are a real estate team that works the Tampa Real Estate market.  We work with both buyers and sellers.  I work with a lot of buyers and every time I need to set up appointments to show another agent’s listing I rarely get a hold of the listing agent.  Most agents don’t have a call center to handle showing appointments.  I use the “request a showing” button provided by our multiple listing service (most agents don’t even have this free function set up), I call the agent’s direct number, I even call the office to try to locate the agent.  I always leave a message and a phone number hoping the agent will call me back… and I still don’t get a return call!!  So I have to keep calling until I either get an appointment, I find another property that will be comparable or I tell my buyer the agent is not willing to sell the property.  This happens all the time, I really want to call the sellers and let them know their agent is doing a bang up job for them and no wonder their property has been on the market for a very long time!

So sellers – consider yourself warned!  Ask your listing agent how they handle their showing calls and appointments.  Do they provide a call center number so a call is never missed?  Do they use the free service provided on the multiple listing service?  Are calls answered after hours and on weekends?

I don’t take this lightly, how an agent handles showing calls tells me a lot about how working with the agent will probably be if my client decides to make an offer on their listing.  If I constantly have to call with no return calls from the agent; I’m probably going to say something to my client that it may be difficult to get the job done based on what I have gone through just to get an appointment!


~ by Carla on July 30, 2008.

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