Tampa Short Sales – Keep a watchful Eye on the other Agent

I am no stranger to agents trying to screw other agents out of commissions or just about anything else they can screw you out of…but Short Sales are hard enough not to deal with idiots that don’t seem to care about their clients and only care about their commissions, at the same time taking on the attitude of the bank.  I am so sick of this crap of unethical agents doing what they please just to make a buck.  You can be successful in the business and still help people get homes they want.

After speaking with other agents and members of the Real Estate board, the reason why these things continue is because no one takes it upon themselves to challenge these people for these wild wild west attitudes where they do what they want becausetheir is no repercussions.  I try to follow all the rules the board puts out even if I do not agree with them and maybe that makes me unique.  But I will make sure all those that I do business with follow the same rules.  So I guess this is a warning to all those unethical agents out there, and you know who you are, if you break the rules, you will be reported!

I will get off my Soap Box now…Enough Said!

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~ by ToughGuy on June 25, 2008.

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