New Tampa Real Estate Agents Learning the Ropes…Hating Life!

There is an agent in the office that is relatively new to Real Estate and is pretty much hating life right now.  Real Estate, although we try to project it as a friendly profession, is really a contact sport.  With the current status of affairs in the Tampa Real Estate arena, some agents are getting very nasty in dealing with others that may or may not understand everything there is to understand in Real Estate.  Here is my request to all of you that have little patients with other agents, be easy on them.  Like children, they will grow up and if they grow to resent you, you are going to pay the price down the road.  We are all trying to accomplish what is best for our clients, so continue down that path and stop fighting with each other.  Get through the nonsense, get the paperwork done, get to close, and the close it.  At that point, you helped your seller, you helped the buyer, and you helped yourself and then move on.

Enough Said…now get it done!


~ by ToughGuy on June 20, 2008.

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