New Iphone 3g – Is it worth the Hype?

I have been a long time Blackberry user up until about 2 weeks ago when my buddy went out and bought myself and my wife Iphones (the old one).  At first look, they appear to be fantastic toys, shinny, lots of color, lots of sound, etc.  Then as I started to use it further, I discovered that I couldn’t put the thing down.  The Internet on it is fantastic, it integrates with my website and lead management like no other, it can access the Internet and the mls instead of that stupid wireless version that is almost useless…I continue to use it today instead of my blackberry.

So now, the 3G version comes out.  It doesn’t appear to be anything new other than 3G, and GPS chip, oh and the price.  So when I look at the 3G coverage in my area, it is in Tampa, but not in the suburbs of Tampa…that is a problem.  So basically, for the price of a new phone, I will get a GPS.  I already have a TomTom for that.  I think I will hold off until I see some more people use it and ATT expands their 3G network.  Apple has some great marketing though, they almost had me waiting in Line for this thing, then I realized I was too busy for that, and that was that!


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~ by ToughGuy on June 10, 2008.

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