Stay Focused when buying a Home in Tampa Bay

The Tampa Real Estate market is full of homes for sale, big home, small homes, homes with and without pools, homes on the water, and homes with all sorts of upgrades that you would have never dreamt of.  But here lies the problem.  With so many choices, comes a feeling of being overwhelmed and lack of ability to make a decision.  That is a problem as with the low prices that are currently in abundance, by the time you figure out which home you want, it will probably be gone.  Here is my advice to you if you are in the market to buying a home:

1. Figure out how much you will spend and then increase that by $20,000.  The reason for that is it is a buyers market and you will most likely be able to get a better house for a good deal.

2. Know what you want.  Don’t waste your time looking at homes that don’t meet your needs.  Put your needs on paper and stick to them.

3. Have your financing ready.  Speak with a mortgage broker or your bank and be ready to supply a Pre-Qual letter.

4. Don’t wait until you see 20 homes to make an offer.  If you find your dream home, put in an offer right away and don’t assume that something better is coming because it most likely is not.

5. Hire a good agent.  A good agent will take your needs and requirements and not waste your time, or his/her’s with showing you homes that you don’t want to see.


With these simple tips, you should find what you are looking for, make an offer on it, and with any luck, be moving within 30 days.  Good luck and happy hunting!


~ by ToughGuy on June 5, 2008.

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