Just Stop and Smell the Roses (I mean Ocean) in Tampa Bay

I’ve lived in a few states at this point, MA, NH, OK, MN, and now FL and I have sold MA Real Estate and now sell Tampa Real Estate, and let me tell you…so many times people get wrapped up in their everyday lives and they forget the reason the live where they do.  I moved to Florida for a reason, the weather, the water, and the wine (just kidding) I mean the lifestyle.  I get wrapped up so much in what I do everyday, that I forget that a simple walk on the beach is worth its weight in gold on the soul.  My buddy is getting ready to head back to Russia for 10 months so I have been trying to spend some extra time with him and his family (my wife and I treat them like family as that is how we feel about them), in either event, it was absolutely wonderful to just walk the beach and pick up shells, walk in the warm tide and just let the wind blow and watch the sunset.

Sometimes we just need to stop and appreciate the things around us and appreciate the little things of why we all live where we do…I know I did, and I’ll be doing it more often!


~ by ToughGuy on June 3, 2008.

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