Staying Competitive in an Aggressive Real Estate Market

In a market that requires people to move at speeds that would boggle most peoples minds, Realtors, to stay competitive, are required to respond much faster than ever before.  Working the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market, and very heavy in the Tampa Foreclosures, where response time needs to be cut down to seconds from minutes, you need the appropriate hardware to handle this type of requirements.  I have been using a Blackberry 8800 to get my email and text messages almost as fast as they are written.  But there are some things missing from this great device.  A camera for one, when I come across something that may interest one of my clients, I could snap a shot and email it to them right away.  Faster Internet connection, Supra Ekey software and HTML email.

Some things it does very well, email, I get it right away and can respond to anyone within seconds.  Text messaging is the same.  The phone itself works very well, speaker phone is great as well.  Integrated GPS works on the nose, where ever I am.  So the reason I bring all this up, because my best friend just bought me an Iphone.  So now I am faced with trying this out from a Real Estate standpoint.

The Iphone is great for photos, HTML email, the phone works well, speaker phone is a bit low for my tastes.  he phone itself is very elegant.  I though I missed the lack of touch screen on my Blackberry, but I find it not that big of a deal anymore.  The lack of ability to search contacts in the Iphone is a bit of an issue as I have more than 900 contacts and sometimes need to find a company as opposed to an individual.  The mail program itself needs a little work, it is a pull email and not push which means that the phone has to go out and query for mail and the shortest interval is 15 minutes, way to slow.  There is no IR port for the Supra Ekey but then again, same for Blackberry.

So there are things I love about both phones, and my ideal phone would be one that combines the 2 into 1.  If RIM goes ahead and writes the code for Blackberry connect for the Iphone, it will be hard to beat the Iphone…only time will tell, but for now, I will continue to play with the Iphone until I get tired of it or I decide that that is the way for me to go.


~ by ToughGuy on May 27, 2008.

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