Fishing in and Around Tampa Bay

Being a pretty active Realtor in the Tampa Bay Real Estate Market, sometimes I need to just “take a break” from the hustle and bustle of the way things are.  I had one such day this year so far (tell me about it) and was able to go out fishing in the bay with my buddy and his father on a chartered boat.  We left at about 7am out of Little Harbor in Ruskin, and proceeded out to the bay where we started fishing for snook.  Now if you have never fished for snook, it gives you a hell of a fight, swimming in and around the edge in the mangrove roots, these bugger’s are tough to get a hold of, but when you do, they head right for the waters edge.

We didn’t actually get any snook on the boat (I guess to smart for us) but we did catch grouper, trout, flounder, watched a couple manatees go by, listened to an occasional cheer come from another boat near by that caught something big, and a lot of sun.

All in All, it was a fantastic day, forgot about the world spinning around me, and enjoyed some great guy time on the water…isn’t that what life is all about!  Now it’s back to the hustle of the world as I know of, but I think about that day looking forward to the next time I will have sometime to take a break.


~ by ToughGuy on May 16, 2008.

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