MiraBay Great Development to Buy a Waterfront Home…Now!

I have a vested interest in this post as I live in MiraBay.  Carla and I bough just before things went crazy here in the Tampa Real Estate Market, so our price was not so bad.  For our Team, I do most of the Marketing and Carla does all the rest.  We have a few clients coming in the next few weeks to look in MiraBay and other Apollo Beach Homes and boy was I surprised at some of the statistics.  First off, there is approximately 150 homes for sale in MiraBay.  Out of those 150, the majority are Short Sale properties, meaning that the owner owes more to the lender than what the home is worth.  The lowest priced home currently looking at water is $300,000 and the next lowest is $314,900 (that is my listing click here to view  MiraBay Homes).  The lowest priced home with a dock and Pool is currently priced at $525,000 (another short sale).

MiraBay is a great community that needs a little fixing with this Mortgage mess, I guess like every other development across the country.  So if you are looking for a great community (and Mirabay is an award winning community), come on by and take a look, and if you want a Guided Tour, just stop on by


~ by ToughGuy on May 5, 2008.

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