5 Oppose Little Harbor Rezoning Request

So here is the latest on the great Little Harbor debate in the great Tampa Real Estate Race.  There were 5 apposed to the little Harbor Rezoning Request put forth by Little Harbor, ie. Earthmark.  The 5 in opposition lived next to or near the development.  This does not make the debate dead, but there was no one that appeared at the hearing that was for the rezoning.  Those 5 sited problems with noise, parking issues, and traffic issues if this change went thru.

The next step is a recommendation on or before May 20th.  At that point, this will go to the County Commisioner for another hearing and vote on June 10th.  Will this ever end!


Stay tuned as things progress


~ by ToughGuy on May 5, 2008.

6 Responses to “5 Oppose Little Harbor Rezoning Request”

  1. There are a lot more than 5 opposed (the South Shore News got that wrong — they were not at the hearing). There are a LOT of opposition letters in the case file. The local condo Homeowners Association Board is unanimously opposed. Many Ruskin residents are opposed. At least 20 people came to the hearing in opposition. 6 of them spoke at the mike. The transcript is here: http://www.hillsboroughcounty.org/htv/caption/scripts/zm080429.txt (scroll down about halfway through to get past the other hearings)

  2. Hello Mariella,

    I was at the first hearing and saw the 25 or so people get up and speak so I realize that there are alot of people opposed to this. I was however just indicating what the paper had reported as many of my clients own property in Little Harbor and are always asking me what the status is…this was merely to report to them the current status, based on what I had read. I did look at the transcripts as well prior to writing that, but maybe I should have counted the number of people that got up and spoke against it.

    This project is definelty a complicated one with residents of Ruskin and neighboring towns on one side and Earthmark and owners of units in Little Harbor on the other. I tend to stay neutral.
    thanks for your comment!

  3. Did they ever render a decision on May 20?

  4. James,
    There was no decision to be made at that meeting. I do not completely understand this whole process, but it now goes to the County Commissioner for review and he will hold yet another meeting regarding this. Supposedly, a decision will be made after that meeting.

  5. Did they ever make a decision on June 10?

  6. Hi James,
    I have not yet heard as I was not in attendance of this meeting. I am trying to find out the latest and when I do, I will post it here.

    Thanks for the question!

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