Great Deals in the Tampa Real Estate Market are Sometimes Hard to Come By

So what I hear almost everyday is that “I am looking for a great deal”.  We are all looking for a great deal but first lets define what makes a great deal.  My definition is being able to purchase a property for less than market value.  OK, this is my definition, everyone has there own idea of what constitutes a Great deal.  What does not necessarily constitute a deal at all is purchasing a home with the bank involved in the decision process.  Just because the bank has their hands in the deal, does not a deal makeith’.  In the Tampa Real Estate Market, deals are a plenty but if you want to buy property stress free, deal with a homeowner who can make decisions much faster than a bank can.  If you have the patience, time, and money, go the bank route, but be prepared to possibly wait along time.

The other problem are the Realtors that are listing these homes for the banks.  There is alot of unethical “stuff” going on that I will not go thru in this blog, but be rest assured, anything unethical in the handling of these properties will be reported.  I am not typically a “whistle blower” but these unethical agents are making my job extremely difficult…and those agents know who they are and they know what they are doing, enough said!

So again, if you are looking for a great deal, be prepared to wait, have the money to proceed, and be ready to counteroffer whatever comes your way.  It takes alot of negotiating to get the deal done and if the banks would just make life easier for all of us, this problem we have of excess property would be a thing of the past.  There are plenty of buyers out there that want these properties, the banks just won’t let them buy them!


~ by ToughGuy on April 16, 2008.

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