Little Harbor Vote Delayed Again

Sorry for the delay as I should have gotten this out sooner but have just been slammed with everything going on around me.  In either event, the Little Harbor (Earthmark) zoning proposal to change use of most of the land to allow Hotel use has been delayed until April 29th.  Earthmark is reducing the amount of units it is requesting for Hotel use in this new proposal.  There was an overwhelming negativity at the last hearing.  Carla and I were at the meeting and had a hard time understanding most of what was presented by the Earthmark Attorney.  It basically started off with watching a promotional video of Little Harbor, not sure why, but then progressed into “experts” speaking of how this change will have minimal impact on the surroundings.  Although I am neutral with this change, Earthmark did a horrible job in presenting their side…and it showed as their attorney seemed unprepared, presented incorrect information, and seemed flustered with the number of people speaking against the project.

Hopefully Earthmark will have their act together at the next hearing and will present with authority…if they want to get this change approved.

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~ by ToughGuy on April 8, 2008.

6 Responses to “Little Harbor Vote Delayed Again”

  1. A St. Pete Times article points out that condo hotels are a terrible investment. “For many, the condo hotel may go down as the of the real estate bubble.” As a reader notes “If the project made sense as a hotel, the developer wouldn’t be selling it.”

  2. Most of those Condos were purchased years ago when the market was hot and Condo Hotels were “the Thing”. As the market changes, peoples views of what they would like to purchase changes as well. For the location and for what it is, it is a pretty good deal considering that you have a beach right there, restaurant, marina, pools, etc all for less than $100k. Where else can you buy a waterfront Condo looking at the Bay for less than $100k.

  3. Was there a meeting on April 29? What was the outcome?

  4. How did the April 29 hearing go?

  5. I was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts and am hot and heavy trying to find out the outcome…When I get it, I will keep you posted. Check back next week!

  6. Ok, So I just found the meeting minutes and it appears that both sides presented their case, and case was closed. No decision was made so I would assume that the information is being looked at to make a decision.

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