McCain wins Big in Florida, Amendment 1 Passes, and the Tampa Bay Lightning Lose at Home

McCain wins in FloridaWell, I was at the Tampa Bay game tonight watching the Lightning get beaten down by Buffalo, it wasn’t much of a game though since the Lightning seemed to be in some sort of a trance for the first 2 periods only to come alive in the 3rd, but 3 goals too late.  Anyway, I happen to overhear this guy behind me talking about the tight race between McCain and Romney.  I took a look on my blackberry and it was reporting that McCain had 34% of the vote while Romney had 33% of the vote.  Now I’m thinking, not again, we’re going to have to go to the chads again and thats when the fun begins.  So now its 12:30 am and the news is reporting McCain as winning 35% and Romney with 31%.  Ok, thats better, no recount, no chad count, no problem.

On another note, Amendment 1, the save our homes amendement that will give floridians some much needed tax breaks on homes and tax portability seems to have passed with a 64% approval so far (56% of the precincts counted so far with 1,794,542 votes).  So with the tax portability passing (at least so far) and the Fed’s likely to give us all another jolt in the arm with an expected 0.50% rate cut, this should give the people of florida sitting on the fence and all those others that have been waiting for something big to happen, a reason to react.

So what does this all have to do with the Lightning losing…nothing, nothing at all.  I just hate to see the Lightning lose, especially when I have really good seats…


~ by ToughGuy on January 30, 2008.

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