Residential Sales in Florida Pickup in December

I’ve lived in Florida for some 3 years now and have always heard that the November-January are the slowest time of the year for residential real estate.  Well, the statistics came out about a week ago that shows that sales for December were up some 15% over November.  Very unusual but then again, this current market is turning out to be unusual. 

You have 3 basic groups of people out there right now looking at real estate; First Time home buyers, Investors looking for the good deals or steals, and those that want to buy but think that the market will go lower.  Well, I don’t know if the market will go lower, to be totally honest with you, but I can tell you that there will be a feeding frenzy when the market does show a consistent turn in sales and price.  KB Homes, a local builder, just announced an increase in home prices the other day, so maybe this is an indication of things to come….time will tell!


~ by ToughGuy on January 19, 2008.

One Response to “Residential Sales in Florida Pickup in December”

  1. Home sales will be off because your builder will not do the right thing. There isn’t a Lemon Law for homebuilders in any state. Yet they get an 8,000.00 first time home buyer check? Did you know they don’t have to disclose mold in you new home either? Buy Back you Lemons KB Home.

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