Little Harbor Developers Ask for Major Modification

So my wife and I attended a county meeting last night to hear what changes Little Harbor (Earthmark is the developer) wants to make.  It appears that they are asking for a modification of use to some new units that they want to build.  Currently under county law, if a unit is rented for less than a week, it must be classified as a hotel.  Currently, Little Harbor Management have been renting units for less than a week but apparently, as indicated by their atty last night, when they do that, they take the unit off the market for rental for the whole week.  I honestly doubt this is occuring but I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

There was one person that showed up that was in favor of the project, he lives in the neighboring development of Bahia Del Sol, which is an older waterfront multi level condo units.  It just so happens that he works for Little Harbor so I guess you can see where that is going.

In opposition, was the rest of the room, about 25 in all that showed up, mostly people that live in Bahia Del Sol, but a few others that live in Ruskin, close to the development.  The biggest issue most people had with the project is the entrance.  There is only one entrance and exit out of the entire development.  Bahia Del Sol owners must use the entrance/exit as well.  It is a one lane, fairly long and narrow, in and out.  The concern was that if a hotel status is allowed, this entrance will be clogged and in the event of an emergency, some major issues would arrise for emergency personnel.

Personnally speaking, I can see how the owners of condos in Bahia Del Sol would be upset with this modification although, my guess is that when this project was first presented to them years ago, it was probably sold as “Your property values are going to increase because of what we are going to build here”.  Back then, everyone had dollarsigns in their eyes.  Now, with added noise from the band that plays at the Tiki Bar on the weekend, people parking all up and down the access roads in the development, and lack of concern from the developer regarding the issues presented by Bahia Del Sol owners, Bahia Del Sol owners have decided to fight back and put a stop to any further changes to a development that they view as a major Pain in their already complicated lifestyles.


~ by ToughGuy on January 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Little Harbor Developers Ask for Major Modification”

  1. How did the meeting end?

  2. Good Question. There was some documentation that was requested be change, Dickman Investments had an issue with a roadway that Little Harbor wants to use for public access in which the Dickmans had not agreed to…so there will be new paperwork filled against some of the conditions requested by Earthmark. Aside from that, I am assuming that after the new paperwork is filled, the board will make some sort of decision as to what to do or open it up for further talks. But the meeting went long and the cut it off abruptly due to timing.

    If you need more info, you can call me at 813-468-9541 or subscribe to this blog as I will update topics like this often.

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