HindSite is always 20/20

Well, 2007 is coming to an end…2008 is upon us.  So what you say.  Well, with a little luck and planning, 2008 could be a fantastic year.  We saw some interesting things happen in 2007.  The housing market went crazy upside down, foreclosures were up moreso in history, the US dollar is down, gold is up, gas saw a roller coaster ride, The Hulkster living in the clearwater area had his wife file for divorce, and the iphone hit the market (told you it wouldn’t all be about real estate).  This is just a few of the things that made news this year and I am sure we will have alot of interesting topics to hit the news in 2008.

Now some personal Notes:  I lost my dog of 17 years to that stupid pet food recall (devestating), my best friend who is a professional hockey player was drafted in Russia and is now playing there (that sucks), my hockey player friend saw the effect of losing my dog and bought me a new dog, which we name Affie after him.  She is cute, but a real spitfire and my step daughter had her first child Skyler which is a handful, but alot of fun.

News is News, whether it makes the news or not, I guarantee you that I will talk about it here.

Florida is going thru some growing pains with taxes and insurance.  Jan. will tell if we are on our way to swimming or sinking.  I am pretty sure we will all swim, sinking is not an option…but time will tell


~ by ToughGuy on December 31, 2007.

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