Hello world…Welcome Aboard the Tampa Train!

Welcome to TampaFloridaRealEstate.wordpress.com. Just a quick intro to who I am!  My name is Robert Masse and I am a Realtor in the Tampa Bay Market.  That being said, you would think out of the chute that I am going to say…”Hey, buy real estate in Tampa…” but I’m not.  The Tampa market is a unique market with lots of ups and downs…now being a down.  More on this later, but back to myself.

I am what you would call a Recovering Engineer.  I was an engineer for many years and look at Real Estate very different than most Realtor do.  I look at it from a technical aspect.  I look at its bones, structural integrity, how it sits on the Lot, etc.  I have no emotional attachments when it comes to Real Estate.  Real Estate is a commodity, plain and simple.  My wife, on the other-hand, is the touchy, feely agent.  She works with all the first time home buyers, I deal with the people interested in the Investment aspect.

This blog will deal with the non-emotional aspect of whats going on in the Tampa area, it may or may not deal with real estate.  Kind of a different approach.  This blog will contain written blogs, video blogs, pictures taken of local areas, and maybe even some local news info from other sources.  Either way, there will be more information available here than any other location out there.

So please stay tuned, and enjoy the ride!  And by the way…Happy New Years!

And if you are interested in viewing Florida Real Estate, please look at my other site at www.FindMyFloridaHome.net


~ by ToughGuy on December 31, 2007.

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